"StarPassage is not only imaginative and entertaining but instills in readers the power of family. Clark Burbidge spins a unique time-travel tale, interwoven with real historical events that leave us eager for more"

Nancy Peterson - APA, Audiobook Narrator, Producer and Mother 

A note to readers, parents, teachers, librarians: TheAuthor's works are designed specifically for the 7-16 age group. However, many older teens and adults thoroughly enjoy the suspense, high-adventure, strong well-developed characters and values orientation of his writing. Younger readers have also enjoyed his books as a read-together experience.

Available June 2016 

Award winning story teller 

Clark Rich Burbidge

new young adult fantasy adventure series.

StarPassage Book

Award Winning Middle Reader/Teen Fiction Series

A Sneak Peak at the story...

Teenagers Tim and Martie Carson had the perfect family. But it now seems to be slipping through their fingers as they spiral downward fueled by their parent's struggles with Post Traumatic Stress and depression. They discover an ancient relic under mysterious circumstances that may have power to help them save their family. It holds the key to unlocking answers that can only be found in the past. Tim and Martie dive into a race against time. They must learn its secrets while avoiding the dangerous shadowy figures, doomed to haunt history, that are drawn to the relic whenever it is used. these Trackers want the relic for their own wicked purposes that will threaten the entire world.

Travel through history with the Carsons as they struggle to understand the relic's purpose. Can they follow the clues and piece together the puzzle containing the answers sought before being trapped forever by the evil forces that relentlessly pursue them? Time will literally tell...